Your experience begins as you arrive for your skydive. Our friendly ‘frontline’ team will show you examples of HD video’s and then sit down with you and explain all the options available with regards to heights, camera options and packages. You will then watch a short safety video.

Gear Up

Our staff will come and find you when its time to get ‘geared up’. They will give you a jump suit and harness, hat and goggles and gloves (in winter). Your Tandem Master will then come and introduce himself and tighten up your harness. He will then go over a few safety instructions with you.

First Interview

If you have chosen one of our awesome video packages, your Cameraman/Tandem Master will then get some footage of you on the ground. This will include your first interview.


Time to Board

You board the aircraft right out the front of the hangar. Our custom made PAC 750 XL will take approx 20 minutes to get to altitude, giving you plenty of time to take in the stunning scenery.

3..2..1 SKYDIVE!!

Get ready to say farewell to the plane. As the green light comes on the door gets opened and you feel that rush of air! You shimmy to the door until your feet are dangling over the edge. 3….2…..1… out you go!!!!!

Lets Freefall

Freefalling at over 200km/ph – this is the adrenalin rush you have been waiting for. You don’t feel like you’re falling – its just like being on a huge cushion of air. NO scarier to go higher as your brain cant comprehend how high you are!


Say Cheese

Smile for the camera!! If you have chosen to get your skydive filmed, then its time to interact with you cameraman. Shake hand, pretend to be Superman. Its your video, so have fun with it!

Time to have a look around

Your parachute opens at 5,000 feet! Taking in the magnificent views as your Tandem Master steers you gently back to earth. If you are feeling up to it, your Tandem Master will hand you the toggles so you have had a go at steering the parachute.


Landing is very gentle as you lift your legs up and glide safely back to terra firma!!! Give your Instructor a big hug (or shake is hand)!!! Congratulations!!!! You have just completed your skydive!!!!

Time to Pay

Now its time to pay! Yep you may have forgotten, but we haven’t!!!! If your package comes with a T-shirt (or if you want tio buy one), have a look at our designs whilst you try and figure out what has just happened.

Movie Time

Now it is time to relive this epic experience. If you chose to be filmed, you can watch your video in our unique cinema room with all your friends.

Its all over.. Or is it!

Before you leave us, don't forget to pick up your unique USB. Your HD video and a bunch of awesome pictures are uploaded onto this. Don't forget to share them with friends and family around the world! Thanks for jumping at Skydive Taupo.